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Re: [oletrucks] throw out arm boot

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] throw out arm boot
From: Cadamsarch@aol.com
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 13:24:28 EDT
Hello Bill, Nick, and Other Ole Truckers,

I measured the fine looking rubber clutch fork boot from Chevy Duty. It's 
groove, which ought to be close to the bellhousing opening, is about 1-5/8" x 
3-7/8". The groove's width, which ought to be close to the bellhousing 
is about 3/16". 

My 1950 Chevy 216 bellhousing has an opening for the clutch fork boot that 
measures 1-1/16" x 3-3/8". Bellhousing thickness where the boot would fit is 
1/4" to 5/16" at the two sides and forward end: the aft end is chisel-like, 
tapering down to 1/16". 

With the optimism of a young child, and in the clear light of day, I downed 
my second cup of coffee made as strong as you Ole Truckers in New Orleans brew 
it, and set to work. I pushed. I pulled. I'll spare you the @*&%#\$s. Perhaps 
I'm a slow learner because I was sweating like a rainstorm by the time I 
realized that fine looking rubber clutch fork boot was not going to reside in 
216 bellhousing. 

After a cold shower, just for curiosity's sake, I measured my 1960 Chevy 235 
bellhousing. Sure enough, that fine looking rubber clutch fork boot and the 
newer bell housing are a match made in Heaven. 

What I like about my Chevy AD is it's simplicity. It has done just fine for 
fifty-three years with little pieces of the world drifting into the 
bellhousing's clutch fork opening. Darn near all of 'em find their way out. 
That's pretty 
much how it's going to continue.  

Regards, good luck, and keep on trucking.

Culver Adams
1951 Chevy 3100
Spare clutch fork boot for 1960 and similar 235 bellhousing.

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> Subj:RE: [oletrucks] throw out arm boot
> Date:9/12/04 9:03:56 AM Central Daylight Time
> From:    wschick1@twcny.rr.com (William Schickling)
> To:    Cadamsarch@aol.com, oletrucks@autox.team.net
> Culver,
> This is great. I also have the canvas and wire frame boot from the 1960 235 
> I am using. It is way too big. I am using a bell housing from buffalo 
> enterprises that is from a later 216. This allows me to use a modern 
> and retain the early brake and clutch pedals for my 1940.  I will check on 
> Chevy duty item. Please update me when you have finished.
> Bill Schickling

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