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Re: [oletrucks] Vehicle Title Problems (long !@#$#!)

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Vehicle Title Problems (long !@#$#!)
From: Cadamsarch@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 11:25:18 EDT
You all ready have better advice than I can offer, but, because the cost of 
nonfunctioning government bureaucracy is through the roof (color photos of 
public "servants" on multipage instructions "explaining" how to do something 
grandfathers did at the counter in a couple of minutes; benefits & pensions for 
color photo clowns that about double the outrageous wage we pay them to be 
ineffective; the price of building, operating, &, in the end, carting off to 
landfill the structures we house them in for 6 hours a day when they might get 
more done working from the back of their car...should I go on?)... I got 
interested in your email.

(Note to friends who draw government paychecks--as I once did:  I'm referring 
to nonfunctioning government. I happen to enjoy functioning government & am 
glad to pay my share. It's just sometimes difficult to find, as you describe.)

I am imagining something like this to get your AD registered... Let's say you 
park your AD out of sight for a while. If you're thinking of painting her a 
new color, this would be a good time. Find a door post tag from another halfway 
similar AD. Get a bill of sale to go with it. Put the door post tag on your 
AD. Start with the new vehicle ID number & fill 8 large sheets of paper with 
every number you can find on your truck. Some numbers might have a notation 
as, "round thing with wires", or, "left side". Make the numbers legible, but 
just barely. (A little tranny grime on the fingers will make nice smudges.) 

Follow Jim's advice and find the smallest town with a vehicle registration 
facility. At a slow time around mid-afternoon on a quiet day, saunter up to the 
counter, give 'em your best smile, and introduce the folks to your newly 
discovered AD friend: a bunch of slightly out of focus photos, description of 
barn it's been in for who knows how long, a story of how your cousin's friend 
gave you the tip that lead you to AD, & so on. Make it look like you are 
prepared to spend all day & tomorrow, if need be, at their counter. 

Tell 'em you heard they needed numbers, so you brought some. Give 'em copies 
of the 8 sheets, carefully numbered & in order. (I once heard numbering sheets 
is a good idea--it lets 'em know you are a team player.) Explain you don't 
know much about cars, but the engine, like the rest of AD, seems old enough to 
vote. If they get picky, point them to the blurry photo shot under the hood & 
let them figure out how many cylinders it has. (They'll be deciding something & 
that might make somebody's day.) At 4 o'clock, someone will notice it's 
getting close to closing time--they'll have you out of there in a flash. 

With new plates, new VIN, perhaps a new color, your "new" AD will be ready to 
star in your next bar-b-que and cold-ones celebration.

Hope this works--it did calm my what's-wrong-with-government-now? high blood 
pressure spike.


Culver Adams
1951 Chevy 3100 (newer 235 engine, same old VIN)

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> maybe someone can help find a loophole for me that i haven't looked
> into yet.

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