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Re: [Shop-talk] Socket holders

To: cornerexit <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Socket holders
From: "Elton E. (Tony) Clark" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 22:49:37 -0500
*My idea won't help your son's toolbox but might appeal to someone else:
After trying every thing in the way of sticks, boards and racks for sockets,
I've hit on this:  I bought enough huge muffin tins to fill a 30" x 30"
drawer in my tool cabinet and my 1/4, 3/8 and  1/2 drive sockets all share
a  labeled cup according to the BOLT size:  example: all 7/16 sockets go in
one cup:  1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 drives.   When I go for a socket, I have options
for the size I want.  Only the mid sizes have to share all three drive type;
the little 1/4s and the big 1/2s get a cup to themselves. I also paint the
tins white and have stick-on labels on most of my sockets to help with
visability.  O' course I still have to cope with my metrics, Whitworths,
tall sockets, impact sockets, 3/4 drive etc, but they live in other
drawers.   *

On 7/1/07, cornerexit <> wrote:
> I recently purchased a craftsman starter tool kit for my 17 year old son's
> birthday. I explained to him how important having tools and the skill to
> use
> them are in his journey through life. His reply was, "but we have lots of
> tools here". "Here" meaning my tools in my shop. :-) I explained that he
> is
> less than a year away from being an adult, and when he moves out he will
> need his own tools.
> The tool kit he got has a good selection of socket sets, wrenches etc and
> had what I thought would be a nice fitted two drawer box that has a marked
> place for each socket. I figured this fitted tool box would go along way
> toward helping him keep the whole mess semi-organized.
> As it turns out, in practice, this fitted case is an unmitigated disaster.
> The drawers don't open far enough to access half the tools so you have to
> completely remove each drawer. The only way to remove the drawer is to
> yank
> it out of box and then all the tools go flying all over the floor.
> Anyway, I want to get him a "regular" type of toolbox but would still like
> to have some sort of socket organizer to keep things organized to some
> extent. These organizers would be used in a small portable type tool box,
> not a big stationary roll around type tool box.
> What do you use for socket holders/racks?
> Thanks
> Wayne
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