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[Shop-talk] Extension cord gauge per load and distance

To: Shop Talk <>
Subject: [Shop-talk] Extension cord gauge per load and distance
From: Ian McFetridge <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 10:28:09 -0400
Quick question.  Has anyone created an Excel spreadsheet to calculate
extension cord gauge requirements?

A friend of mine asked what size extension cords to get for his generator
and I of course I said "it depends."  Not being an electrician or an EE, I
pointed him to the formulas on eHow and showed him how to create a
spreadsheet (attached) that would calculate what extension cord gauge is

Before he goes out and buys extension cords based on what the spreadsheet
says, I told him to hold-off until I could at least ask some other people
to double-check the spreadsheet theory and answers.  If you have a moment,
let me know what you think of the spreadsheet results.  Also, would be
interested in knowing if there is a better spreadsheet/calculator for this.

Thanks in advance,

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