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Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 21:52:03 -0400
Not sure which wire you are referring to exactly. The factory doesn't Tee
off wires from the middle of a wire. If that was done, it is an aftermarket
alarm, stereo or similar. A factory "Joint" or splice does occur on the pos
battery cable, at the terminal end, it looks more like a "Y". The smaller 14
ga or so wire has a plastic quick-disconnect connector hanging vertically
near the battery. That wire is the main ECM feed. If you suspect it is bad,
I would check it very carefully for volatge, voltage drop, amps, or warmth
at connections. Do not check it for resistance unless you disconnect it at
both ends, especially the ECM. If it's another wire, you're really going to
need a wiring diagram to trace it.
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Subject: [Shotimes] Electrical

> I'm still battling Marlene's '91....I found something a little wierd
today.On the posistive cable,there is  a wire that T's off and goes to part
of the  wiring harness.That wire has a sensor type plug and below it is a
inline fuse link.20amp The fuselink looks to be bad,slightly bubbled on each
end.I will replace it with a new one.What is the sensor plug looking
thing???What is its purpose?And if the fuselink is bad would it cause the
engine to stop,if I pulled the posistive cable off.I took off the alternator
and had it checked,oreilys said it was Ok.This car has had electrical probs
since it rolled off the line,and they continue.Like yesterday I wiggled the
pos cable,the fan came on fuel pump does its thing and he starts.Cool..he
continues to run for apromix.9 minutes then just dies.No more fuel pressure
at the rails.I wait several minutes,then repeat the process,wiggle the
pos.cable and tighten.Pump makes it sound and he starts again.Runs for a few
minutes then just dies.
>      I think the fuselink finally took a dump.The dealership wants way too
much.Does that fuselink need to be there?Can I replace the fuselink with
something compareable?Help Please
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