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Re: side marker lamp rubber update

To: "Bowen, Patrick A. RP2" <jak0pab@jak10.med.navy.mil>
Subject: Re: side marker lamp rubber update
From: Joe Curry <spitlist@gte.net>
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 14:20:25 -0800
My studies on those pieces indicate that you are correct.  There are
indeed 2 distinct molds.  The right rear is the same as the left front
and conversely, the left rear is the same as the right front.  Most of
the other pieces of the assembly are common except for the color of the
reflectors and lenses.


Bowen, Patrick A. RP2 wrote:
> Just to keep everyone informed.  I have found a company that said they can
> reproduce these I will not know until next Monday how much it will cost
> (this is the part I am afraid of).  They have to figure out how much it
> will cost to create a mold and tooling for.  I will keep you informed.  BTY
> after many hours of staring at the side marker lamp thingys (that is a
> technical term) I have concluded that there are actually two different
> shapes, each being a mirror image of the other.  That being the case I have
> sent both to the company so if all goes well we will have all the correct
> ones we need. I will let all of you know.
> Patrick Bowen
> '79 Spitfire
> Jacksonville FL

"If you can't excel with talent, triumph with effort."
  -- Dave Weinbaum in National Enquirer

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