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RE: First and last post.... (and fuel pump blankoffs - part II)

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Subject: RE: First and last post.... (and fuel pump blankoffs - part II)
From: "Bill Miller" <millerb@netusa1.net>
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 22:14:51 -0500
Mr. Ob's recent post (and the flood of replies) reminds me that this list is
more than just a list, but a "community".
I guess that's why I already have one of Joe's "Spitfire List" decals on my
yet unfinished spit.  I for one truly appreciate all the stories, short
little "off-topic" replies, etc.  If I just wanted Tech talk, I read my shop
manuals.  It's the rest of the stuff that let's me feel a part of this group
of friends.  Kinda makes us more "human", huh?  Heck, I probably know more
about Laura (and Nigel) than most of my co-workers!  Without this list, my
wife would not have gotten me the trim pieces I needed for my spit (thanks
again Glenn) and I would still be wondering what the ESS at the end of my
engine serial number meant.  My suggestion, though, as this sort of posted
"junk mail" will most likely happen again, is to simply reply once to the
person, and ignore the rest.

Enough of that, now for the important stuff.  Several weeks ago I made some
little blank off plates to seal off where the mechanical fuel pump mounted
to the block (to use an electric pump).  You know, everyone sent me the
postage back!  See I told you this was a great group.  Anyway, someone, off
list, asked me if I had any left.  I don't, but I am willing to make a few
more for you guys (and gals) that may want them.  Since this isn't supposed
to be a money making project (I just like seeing Spitfires on the road!)  I
just want to get the cost of the postage and envelopes back.  It was less
than $2.00.  I made this for my 1500.  I am not sure if they will work on
the 1296 or not.  Email me back at millerb@netusa1.net let me know if you
would like one.  I will probably make these this weekend.

Bill Miller
78 Spit (getting closer!)

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