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Re: gear ratios

To: "Ron Roach" <rroach@intouch.bc.ca>
Subject: Re: gear ratios
From: "jonmac" <jonmac@ndirect.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 13:39:54 -0000
> Are any of you running with the uk spec rear end ratio in your
> I'm wondering if this would be a decent compromise for highway use,
> of going all out on an O/D unit?
> I have a book which mentions that uk spits were using this ratio,
> having O/D in them.  Talk about a long legged cruiser!  But I'm
wondering if
> it would be a dog of the line.
> Thanks in advance!

No way, NO way NO WAY

That diff and overdrive makes a whale of a car. Takes your speedo
needle of the clock with the rev counter at about 4500. Great fun,
lots of noise and shaking and real drama going into a tight bend on a
wet road. Try it - you haven't lived yet.


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