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Clutch and Slave Cylinders

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Subject: Clutch and Slave Cylinders
From: "Craig" <smi2685@ibm.net>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 18:51:38 -0500
Just finished a major job on my clutch and slave cyl.

My Spit had been in a barn for 9 years had not been touched except by
rodents and other car eating things.

The clutch cylinder and slave looked as if they were hopeless, I went on the
net and found the site (can't remember the name) and it had tips on getting
the guts out of these things. It suggested the air compressor deal.  I tried
it on the cylinder with the reservoir with no success, the slave though was

I applied a rubber hose using a bleeder fitting, added the air at 120 psi,
nothing, so I applied some heat with a propane tourch.  It looked like I was
again going to strike out when that piston decided it was too hot in there
so it left ! I mean IT LEFT !  BOOM, across the garage off the Coke machine
(has beer in it), and landed on an old chair.  It proceeded to melt the
plastic Nauga Hide cover, the spring was laying on the floor about 20 ft
away.  I sure am glad I was lighting a smoke at the time or I would have had
my nose down there looking at the thing to see if was moving.....

The cylinder was another deal, no luck with the air, no luck adding heat.
So I had an idea of drilling the center to tap it with a bolt and use it to
pull the damn thing out.  Well as you might guess, I tapped it put in a 1/4
bolt and proceeded to break it off in the hole. Not one to give up easily I
got that thing out and started to tap it with a 7/16-20.  The tap got stuck
and I was thinking I was going to break that tap off and I would really be
in it.  As I was trying to back the tap out the piston broke free and slid
out in my hand ! UREAKA ! I went a head and tapped the hole and threaded an
Allen screw in it which counter sunk very nicely to mate with the push rod.

So the next time you jump on one of these make sure you break a bolt off in
it first ! It will come out just fine after three more hours.

Craig Smith
71 Spit

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