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Re: Zenith carbs mixture adjustment?

To: "Mike Ross" <mikeross@Prodigy.net>
Subject: Re: Zenith carbs mixture adjustment?
From: Tony Gordon <tgordon@saginaw-city.k12.mi.us>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 10:32:22 -0400
If you are using the standard Stromberg 150's, they do NOT have a an 
adjustment nut that is externally adjustable (are you thinking of SU's that 
have a lower jet adjusting nut?).  The large nut under the float chamber on 
the ZS's is a purely a plug.

The mixture adjustment is achieved by the use of the correct tool (looks 
like a very long allen wrench, with a small locking tool that stops you 
tearing the diaphram) inserted into the piston once the damper has been 
removed.  Not all ZSs are adjustable (and I don't know GT6's well enough to 
tell you if they are fitted with carbs that are).  For more info, the 
Haynes, or Factory manual will give a good description, or the Haynes 
"Weber, Stromberg and SU carb" manual is a vertible font of knowledge for 
all Triumph owners.


>I tried to use my new ColorTune kit tonight on my GT6, but I couldn't budge
>the mixture control screws under the Zenith carbs.  Does anyone know a safe
>way to loosen them so they can be adjusted?
>Mike Ross
>'67 Spitfire (soon to be a Spit 6)
>'66 Spitfire
>'69 GT6 (parts car)
>'70 GT6

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