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Non-spitfire related, but hope you can help

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Subject: Non-spitfire related, but hope you can help
From: John Hobson <goalie_john@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 17:40:20 +0100 (BST)
This didn't seem to send to the list ok first time, so trying again...
anyone else had problems?
> I'd like to pick the collective brains of this group about a car
> related
> matter, apologies to those to whom this is not relevant.
> A few weeks back my girlfriend had her vauxhall astra broken into in a
> car park.  It was broken in to by a coat hanger or other object being
> slid between the front passenger side window and door skin to operate
> the
> lock mechanism.  The result of this is that her door is now bent
> slightly
> out shape where it was forced out to slide the object into the door. 
> Is
> it possible to correct this deformation without having to invest in an
> entire new door?  She plans to sell the car in a few weeks, and
> hopefully
> if we can fix this cheaply the car will still have some value, rather
> than being close to nil value that it probably is at the moment.  Plan
> B
> is to buy a door from scrap and I'll try my hand at fitting it.
> Any help, as always, very much appreciated.
> cheers
> John

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