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Re: I don't believe it, gutted...

To: Dan Canaan <flinters@picarefy.com>,
Subject: Re: I don't believe it, gutted...
From: John Hobson <goalie_john@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 09:39:47 -0700 (PDT)
It already has a brand new head gasket with roughly 10 miles on it!  It
was also a high quality permatex one with metal rings round each
cylinder.  I also made sure that I very methodically cleaned both gasket
mating faces.  If it was a blown head gasket how did the oil get there?

I checked the rockers and there are no dropped valves and the assembly
looked to be in good order and is certainly getting oil.

Anothing thing that I thought of was valves not seating correctly, is
this a possible cause?

If it's not that then I assume it is either pistons or piston rings.  How
easy is it to remove these for replacement and is it a job I could do at
home?  Does the engine need to be removed to do this?

I think tomorrow will be a head removing day (the car, not me, although
it is tempting!...)


--- Dan Canaan <flinters@picarefy.com> wrote:
> You could also have a blown head gasket between Cylinders 1 and 2,
> which 
> are not under compression at the same time and could easily result in
> zero 
> pressure if the two were linked.
> It's not all for naught though.  Pulling the head would be the first 
> task.  Get a good look at the tops of the cylinders to make sure you
> don't 
> have any damage from the head (dropped valve) or chipped valve (debris 
> caused).  Then set the head aside as 'good'.
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