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Re: water drain tap

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Subject: Re: water drain tap
From: shk <shk@qnet.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:30:20 -0700
Organization: NFB
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Why not take the new drain tap and fill the inside of the threaded
shaft with epoxy?  You know the threads match and I am certain you 
could effectively plug the tap prior to the valve.  Would save you
hunting for a plug that fits and you won't find the need to rationalize
why you have a makeshift plug stuffed into the side of your block.

I am also anxious to hear of a supplier that has more consistent
quality than Moss.  I won't even to discuss Vicky Brit.  It will piss
me off too much.  I find some of Moss' parts are from England but
the rest are of marginal quality.  I am also tired of paying 
California 8.25% sales tax on my purchases from them.

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