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RE: need to know before painting

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Subject: RE: need to know before painting
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Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 14:45:38 -0400
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Thanks Biff! (BTW, I think you're the first guy I ever met called Biff!)

I resolved this question with the help of a lot of people on the list 
(thank you!) and a call i placed to Rob Garofalo in California. Rob, of 
course, has a Gold level bugeye which was featured in Road & Track salon 
section a while back. If anyone is interested, he will sell a package of 25 
photos of the car to help with rebuilds.

Anyway, Rob stated that he had talked to Donald Healey about this question 
and several others, including the old "paint or primer" under the rear deck 
debate. The concensus is that not all cars (bugeyes) were undercoated in 
the same way, it depends on how the guy with the spray gun felt that day. 
Generally, they were given a thick coat all over the rear wheel arch, 
including front, back, side and top. The front was done with a less thick 
coat and was usually only applied to the rear vertical surface, but 
sometimes the side as well. The stuff was applied with a brush, so it lo  
oked thick and gloopy (and even ugly).

After spending six hours grinding, blasting and sanding my rear wheel wells 
to get all the joins and surfaces looking beautiful, it seems a bit of a 
shame to cover it up with gloop!


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I went out and looked at my MKII (61 production) and if I
followed Georges discription correctly, he said fairly thick font
and rear with a thin coat up and over the arch at the rear.  I
still have one original front fender and it has undercoating only
at the rear of the arch and most of it is on the outer edge of
the well where the seam is. The inner rear has none to just a
little.  This is only goes up the rear edge of the wheel well
about 10-11".

Hope this helps some.

Biff, AN5, 'Kermit' & HAN6, 'Ole Gray'
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