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Ebay Experience

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Subject: Ebay Experience
From: Gary Speckman <speckman@coredcs.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 19:11:25 -0500
Reply-to: Gary Speckman <speckman@coredcs.com>
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I would like to share an experience my son had recently when bidding on an
MG offered in Ebay.  Following is the description of the car that was
provided on the ebay site.  There was also a picture of a very nice looking
BRG Midget.  It looked and sounded like a good deal.  My son was the second
highest bidder and became the high bidder after the the original bidder
backed out of the deal.

This car is 1000 miles from our location, in Wisconsin.  

I dont know if the authors of the correspondence are on this list or not, I
have left out their names/location.  I just thought it was a good learning
experience,.. ALWAYS get specific independant information, if possible, when
looking to buy a car sight unseen.  Thankfully, the high bidder wrote to my
son with an honest description of the car, saving us a 2000 mile round trip.

I have been off this list for two weeks, if this is all "old news" please
accept my apologies.


The "ad" as shown on Ebay read:

"Fabulous 1971 MG Midget. VIN # GAN5UC106930G. 85,000 Miles. Clear
Title. Never been in an accident. >British Racing Green. Black seats
need recovering. Convertible Soft top is in good condition. No rips.
The >paint is in decent condition. 4 speed manual transmission.
Original Paint. Original Engine. No rust/corrosion. >Solid floor pans.
No a/c. All glass intact. am/fm radio. wire wheels in good condition.
Tires in good condition. >Runs Great, can be driven away. Dash is in
good condition." 

The report back from the first high bidder after backing out of the deal:

"Car was lightly hit drivers front, headlight bodged to accomodate. Car
has spent considerable time outside, top might be original and while
not ripped is very very tired w/ completely fogged windows.  Both door
glass have many deep vertical scratches, and barely crank, although
they do. The car is a rust bucket. There are 6-9" holes in the trunk
corners behind the rear wheels, (repaired with spray foam) and much
rust between the top of the rocker and the bottom of the fender
drivers side front. (Owner claims that is do to abrasion ie. the
rubbing of the fender to the rocker during use. (hogwash)) The car
needs inner rockers and it's just starting to show.  Going over the
lower body with a magnet reveals horrors. This car (red originally)
was bondo'd up some years ago and repainted green. There is LOTS of
bondo here, in many places the magnet wouldn't stick at all!  The
radio is a piece of junk as is the whole interior. Instrements are
badly weathered, the top of the dash is SHOT (typically) and is
covered with a moulded repair dash cover. Looks terrible.  Non
standard, cheap old worn steering wheel.  Red engine bay shows much
corosion and battery damage.
Car has new battery and runs very nicely. I did not check compression
or drive it.
I traveled 435 miles EACH way towing a car trailer to retrieve this
car.   I declined. I feel this seller was very much less than
honerable in his ad. He claims his daughter wrote his ad's and that it
just "got by him"
Buyer beware"

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