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Subject: Re: finding out more
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Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 13:06:51 -0700
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The address for BMIHT is:

British Motor industry Heritage Trust
Archive Deptartment
Heritage Motor Centre
Banbury Road
Gaydon, Warwick

tel (01926) 641188
FAX (01926) 641555

Brochure says allow 28 days for certificate.

Chassis number is best info to send them, but the engine number (if you're
positive it's original) or the number from the RIGHT door pillar plate
(number should start with BAE xxxxx) will do fine also.


At 12:31 AM +0000 8/5/99, cfchrist wrote:
>i have heard much about the britt. mtr. heritage.  i would like to see what
>my information for my 59 would be presented.  i know it's history from being
>sold new in 61.  but there seems to be some serious difrences between what
>was shiped to the usa in 59 and what was sold as new in 61.  i am in contact
>with the original owner.  he bought it new as a light green car with a green
>interior with sebring front disc brakes and a posi rear axle.  after
>striping 11 enamel paint jobs from it during restoration the last 5 colors
>were 3 layers of white then green then cherry red.  red was under evrything.
>he raced it from new and green being considered bad luck, painted it white
>before the first week was up!  and repainted it evry season to keep his
>apearance up.  so what happened to the cherry red car from 1959 to 1961?  it
>is no secret that dealers raced new cars off the lot/ showroom floor.  was
>this car's identity changed to unload a raced new car so it can be sold as a
>new car and not used?  very possible.  it still has the 1961 rollbar
>installed in it and recieved 1 sprite center and a corvair rim mated to get
>a 5" wide rim from the period.  if only it could talk......i probably would
>get scolded!  so with this all in my mind how does one contact the motor
>heritage folks  and what exactly do they require as far as info?  chuck.

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