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Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 10:43:06 EDT
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<<  My Midget was built in 1968 and sold in 1969 (vin dates it at
 68 - registration dates it at 69) >>
 Do not know if there is a "right" answer in most cases.  In the late 50's 
 early 60's it was about four months from time of manufacture to time of 
 delivery in the western USA.  In the case of our 1966 Sprite it is 
 as a 1967. But it is a 1098 and  1966 was the last year for 1098's.  So we 
 call it a 1966.  On the other hand our Bugeye was built in Nov. 1959 and 
 delivered/sold in Feb. 1960 so we call it a 1960. >>

Gotta go with "model year"  I think.  It would just get too confusing 
otherwise.  SOP for US manufacturers now ( and others too maybe?) is to cease 
production for a week or too around July 1, and begin production of the next 
model year.

Then you get the ones introduced 3-4 months later as the "next" (year after 
that) model.  A good forinstance was the 97 Ford pu, available in late 95 
wasn't it?

Some of the US manufacturers have already announced 2001 models, and they 
must be planning to produce these soon...gotta get the money flowing!

Just my observances and opinion..YMMV.

Robert Houston

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