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Re: finding out more

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Subject: Re: finding out more
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Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999 05:11:34 -0700
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Hey Doug,

I need to take you down to the DMV and explain that to them.  That way My 74 MGB
would be smog exempt.  I only missed it by one year.  Guess not though, they
don't see it that way.


Doug Ingram wrote:

> I have an opinion on this subject which I am always too eager to share. Of
> course, it is founded in my belief that while our little cars are
> mechanical, manufactured beings, they actually do have a soul (that's why we
> can always feel superior to things like Mi***as, which will NEVER have a
> soul).
> Given this, you must refer to the year your car came off the assembly line
> when describing it. If it was built in December 1959, it is indeed a 1959,
> regardless when it was sold.
> Just like today, vehicle manufacturers were only too eager to identify their
> products as newer than they are, as if that gave them some inherently
> greater value. How can you go out today and buy a 2000 model year car when
> it is only August 1999? If your child is born next week, are you going to
> tell people it was born in the year 2000?
> If I had a car that was registered improperly, I would take the Heritage
> Certificate and have the licensing bureaucrats correct the grevious error.
> Don't mess with my cars birthday!
> Doug Ingram
> Victoria BC
> 1958 Frogeye (April 10, 1958)
> AN5L/636
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> >>This brings up a question I had been wondering about. Do people consider
> >>their car's age from the date built or the date sold or originally
> >>registered? My Midget was built in 1968 and sold in 1969 (vin dates it at
> >>68 - registration dates it at 69)
> >>
> >>So do I have a 1968 Midget or a 69? No big deal either way, just curious.
> >>
> >>Robert
> >>http://www.woozy.com/midget

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