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RE: (follow up) Blown Head Gasket

Subject: RE: (follow up) Blown Head Gasket
From: "Bill Miller" <millerb@netusa1.net>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 19:58:46 -0500
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Not to keep rubbing salt in the wound, but I bought a complete engine gasket
set (everything!) from AutoZone.  It came in two large FelPro boxes and cost
<$40.  And, they had it in stock.


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Subject: RE: (follow up) Blown Head Gasket


I bought the FelPro from Advance Auto and it cost $18 or $19. I think the
whole FelPro Head set was about $40, but I couldn't see spending the extra



At 5:19 PM -0400 8/19/99, Elliott, Patrick wrote:
>$64????  I bought Napa head gasket for $18 and guess what, it said felpro
>Hasn't leaked for about 1500 miles now.
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>Subject: RE: (follow up) Blown Head Gasket
>Mark, thanks again for your comments.
>At this point, I'm really skeptical about re-using the copper gasket I
>tried, (even though there are less than 3hrs running time on it). The
>I ordered ($64) is supposed to be in today. I also thought I'd take this
>'opportunity' to make some of the mods, that I had asked about in earlier
>postings (adding PVC, and vac advance) to my intake manifold and dellorto
>I had them off.
>In any case, it doesn't look like there was any harm done, except for
>oil all over my nice clean engine compartment.
>Thanks again.
> - Bryan
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>>Subject: RE: (follow up) Blown Head Gasket
>>Brian- The copper doesn't act as a gasket by itself, since it won't deform
>>under the slight (relatively) pressure applied by the Head Bolts, it acts
>>more as a shim and thermal conductor than anything else. The 'thick coat'
>>Copper Coat should, even with 3 coats, be no more than about .005" thick
>>properly applied). The use of copper coat itself, which contains copper as
>>primary ingredient (hence the name) maintains the thermal transmission
>>capacity of the copper head gasket. Even with a Fel-Pro gasket, I, myself,
>>would still apply 3 coats of Copper Coat. Just my .02
>>Mark Haynes
>>'62 HAN6
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>>> Subject:    (follow up) Blown Head Gasket
>>> Thanks everyone for all the great feedback!
>>> I pulled the head last night, and here's what I found...
>>> The gasket didn't really 'blow'. The copper gasket itself appeared to be
>>> in OK
>>> condition, however it was clear that it failed to seal almost
>>> everywhere!(gives
>>> a new meaning to the term 'top-oiling' the pistons). It was very clear,
>>> because
>>> of 'staining on the gasket, that coolant, and oil was not being sealed
>>> all.
>>> Pistons 2&3 also appeared to be sharing compression. I'm really
>>> my
>>> engine was running as well as it was, since I just thought it ran a
>>> rougher than it should!
>>> In any case, I pick up the felpro gasket I have on order today. I will
>>> also
>>> check the head and top of the engine again with a straight edge to see
>>> they
>>> should be resurfaced, but if there was a problem there, I would have
>>> expected a
>>> leak in a specific area.
>>> As far as the 'copper gasket' (made in England) goes... the over
>>> advice
>>> is to make sure it has about three coats of copper spray gasket sealer
>>> it
>>> before using. This to me goes against all logic of what a a copper
>>> is all
>>> about.
>>> a) if a head 'gasket' doesn't seal without putting a thick coat of
>>> sealing material on it, then, that should have been specified when I
>>> bought it.
>>> b) the whole reason for using a 'copper' gasket, is to promote a more
>>> cooling of the head, but in order for this to work, you need 'direct'
>>> metal to
>>> metal contact between the copper, and head/engine.
>>> But since you have to do 'a' to make the gasket work, then 'b' is no
>>> longer
>>> valid - so what's the point???
>>> In any case, thanks everyone, and if all goes well, I'll have the bugeye
>>> back on
>>> the road by Saturday :-
>>> BTW - For the Felpro gasket, should both the head and engine, be
>>> clean
>>> and dry before installing, or is a light coat of oil OK???
>>>  - Regards,
>>>  Bryan Vandiver (59-bugeye)
>>>  San Jose, CA

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