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Re: Off to the body shop

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Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 12:52:31 EDT
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<< . It is a
 very satisfying experience to save one of these wonderful cars . >>
Lord knows!!!  Just before readnig this post I turned my body shell back over 
to rightside up after welding both floor panels in on the bottom side.  Now 
to weld the interior to the floor!  And I was looking at what I had done over 
the past year and a half--replaced nearly the entire lower half of the car 
('67 Sprite).   Some of the panels I have fabricated out of sheet metal and 
some, including the floors, are pre-made made in England panels.  I think the 
only thing I havent replaced are the interior rocker panels and about 2/3 of 
the frame cross member and the forward frame itself,  although I did cut out 
about 8" of the frame, fashion a new piece, and weld it in.  The satisfaction 
level is very high, although I have a long way to go.   I have both A-Posts 
to go yet, rear fenders, and some auxillary welding and piecing.

Now if only the doors will fit and my crude welds will hold together at 60 
mph in those curves.   8^)

---David C.

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