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Re: SR 49, Mother Lode trip

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Subject: Re: SR 49, Mother Lode trip
From: David&Peggy <bohler@hooked.net>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:08:25 -0700
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We'd love to go, but need to let you know for sure whether we will be going
to Illinois that week to pick up my car <G>    Keep the information coming,
We had a nice day with Rick & Carolyn today.  Got to see all their cars :-)


At 04:59 PM 8/29/99 -0700, Larry & Sandi Miller wrote
>Count us in for Saturday. We won't drive the Sprite as we will need to make
>a mad dash out of here Saturday morning. We will drive the 911 so that we
>don't need to leave quite as early. We will meet you in Mariposa at a time
>to be specified by you. We will spend Saturday night in Hangtown and then
>come home Sunday morning.
>Keep me in the loop for the plans.
>Larry Miller
>1978 Porsche 911 SC. Not as much fun as a Bugeye but a whole lot faster.
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>Subject: SR 49, Mother Lode trip
>> SAG or WCSTG,
>> Since Rick has decided I get to plan this run.  Here goes, it is my plan
>to drive SR 49 through the Gold Country from Mariposa to Sierraville a total
>of 253 miles on the weekend of Sept 18-19.  I propose to break the trip into
>two parts with an overnite stay in Hangtown (Placerville) .  This would
>allow for people to drive the whole route or make it a day trip on either
>Saturday or Sunday.
>> Day one from Mariposa to Hangtown is 123 miles with plenty of time for
>side trips and maybe a little gold panning along the way.  Day two from
>Hangtown to Sierraville is 130 miles, again plenty of time for side trips
>and gold panning (there are advantages to going gold panning with a
>geological enginner, you might even get a little gold).
>> I'm open on where to meet in both Mariposa and Placerville,  favorite side
>trips and, lunch and dinner spots. As my homeboy Mills says "Lets get it on"
>> Crash

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