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Bonehead, dyslexic mechanic sees Dog

To: spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: Bonehead, dyslexic mechanic sees Dog
From: Glen <grbyrns@ucdavis.edu>
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 04:33:23 -0800
Reply-to: Glen <grbyrns@ucdavis.edu>
Sender: owner-spridgets@autox.team.net
I'm so glad no one on this list actually knows me, so none
of you can kid me forever about what I'll now admit.
In the final hours before starting the engine on my newly
restored bugeye, I misread the Clymer book and hooked up the
spark plug wires wrong.  The wires for #2 and #3 were reversed.
For the last week I had worried over the crappy mileage, the inability
to get over 55 mph, and the pitiful pickup off the line which
I ascribed to turbo lag.  Last night I pulled #2 plug to check on
the mixture setting. I had only been checking #1, which looked normal.
#2 looked too new, and so did #3, #4 looked normal like #1,
something was clearly wrong. 
Back to the book, I quickly discovered my error.  Reversing the two 
wires I headed out late last night to check it out.  WOW!!!!!

Zero to 60 in a blink, tire smoking power off the line, 6500rpm and 
sounds ready to give much more.  I'm going to need a headrest or a
stronger neck to deal with the acceleration.  I can now give a very
strong recommendation to the Rayjay turbo installation.  It now reminds
me of the DPO's Sunbeam Tiger, same power, better handling.  All that
and the mileage is way up too. What seemed like an overdone race cam
now seems like the perfect accessory for this beast.  Now the trick will
be to mellow out and keep the hormones under control, but heaven
help the next LBC I see on the freeway.

Moral of the story, electrical hookups are best done earlier in the
evening before the beer kicks in and the brain checks out.

                                Regards, Glen Byrns
                                '59 Sprite/rocket

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