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Me, Again

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Subject: Me, Again
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 14:37:02 -0500
OK.  When we brought the Midget home from the tire shop, we parked her in the
driveway because I wanted to clean out the inside and work on the leather
upholstery the next day.  However, it rained hard that night.  The day after
that we were to take her for her new muffler.  Guess what!  She ran so rough
we couldn't even get her to the end of the street so had to turn back to the
driveway/garage.  My husband thought maybe the distributor cap had a crack in
it and we bought a new one.  However, now it won't start at all - just grinds
but won't turn over.

Looking at the top of the distributor cap, which plug wire goes to which
position on the distributor cap?  I think we have the sequence wrong, even
though my husband and a friend have tried every sequence they could think of.

            Distributor cap               <        >

                                            <                 >

                                                <        >

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanx.

Bev Cleary

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