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RE: Alts & Tachs?

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Subject: RE: Alts & Tachs?
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Thread-topic: Alts & Tachs?
 Hi All, I use an electric tach from a Triumph Spitfire...can't remember
the year.  Sharp eyes will notice the difference in the bezel style and
the shape of the pointer needle but it fit the original hole in the dash
and it was easy to wire up.  It's white markings on a black background.
But, just like Sprites, not all Spit tachs are the same so be careful if
you go looking for one of these.  Hey, it works for me...

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Billy Zoom wrote:

> What do you guys do about the tach when you get rid of the early
> I assumed I could just use an electric tach from a later Sprite, but 
> they seem to be smaller. Is there a 4" Smiths electric that looks
right in a '62?

65-67 had the larger tach, same size as the Bugeye.
You can also stick the guts of a later tach in an early can, just switch
the needle and dial. But silver face to black face needs a bit of TLC
but it is not impossible.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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