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Re: pressing piston pins

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Subject: Re: pressing piston pins
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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 20:49:00 -0800
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You're right of course, I mis-typed that they heat the piston. The rod is put into the little oven.
I've never tried to do it myself, but as I said, the ring gear went so smoothly that I could imagine trying it on a 1275 rod. I've got several old pistons I could experiment with, but not a single extra rod.


You like to live dangerously! Want to buy another set of
pistons? Actually, the wrist pin is a snug slip fit in the
piston and a press fit [1275, do not know on the 1098] thru
the rod. The press fit bit is a one shot deal. You need to
work fast and get the pin correctly centered on the rod. No
second chance at all!
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