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FW: Re: Tach reduction gear

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Subject: FW: Re: Tach reduction gear
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 08:10:24 -0500
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i forgot to remove the "trailer" on original post.   so here it is on
attempt #2!
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> Subject: Re: Tach reduction gear
 with the smiths generator driven tachometer gear reduction unit, it could
care less about rear axle ratio, tire size or wich transmission is in the
car.  it has to do with the diameter of the generator pulley!   bigger
pulley = slower rpm of armature Vs. smaller pulley = faster rpm of armature
at the same specific engine measured rpm's.
> it would make sense that the only difrence in the tachometers designed to
be used with the tach drive would be the maximum available reading on gauge
> such as a maximum of lets say 8000rpm for one type of car or 10,000rpm
scale for another type of car.  
> so the reduction unit corrects of what diameter pulley is on the
generator  , in order to report to the tachometer the engine's actual rpm.  
> now i'm not even going into the mechanical clockwork types of tachometers
or the distributor driven (like corvette used) .   strictly generator
driven unit like the spridgets used.
> chuck.
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> > Date: 02/10/2006 7:04:52 AM
> > Subject: Re: Tach reduction gear
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> > My guess on different tach reduction numbers....(pure guess)
> >
> > might indicate their compatibility
> > (or lack of it) in terms of indicating accuracy with similiar but
differently numbered tachometers, in view of the fact similiar speedometers
are numbered differently depending on diff ratio?
> >
> > I thing is for sure...www.nisonger.com would
> > have the right answer.

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