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Re: Tach reduction gear

Subject: Re: Tach reduction gear
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 16:55:06 -0600
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I have 4 tach drives.  3 are the screw together type with the brass nut 
to attach to the dynamo and all are #4302/50
The 4th tach drive has the brass knurled attachment, is held together 
with a crimped band, and has the # 4302/00.

After calling Terry Horler a few years back, I found that no one is sure 
which came first or when the change point came.
According to parts book AKD 3566, part # 2A 9105 was used on both the 
MkI & MkII Sprite(MkI Midget) and W.S.E. (When Supplies Exhausted) part 
# 13H 632 was used.  My guess, and that's all it is, is that 2A 9105 is 
the crimped one with the brass knurled attachment.  I have heard the 
argument that the brass nut came first but was too expensive so they 
switched to the crimped.  As for other cars they may have been used in 
the Morris?????
My tuppence,
59 :{)
59 MGA 1500
05 MCS

b-evans@earthlink.net wrote:
> Ron Soave and I were looking at three tach reduction gears I have in 
> my parts boxes.  We began wondering if the same gear that is found on 
> the Frogeye Sprites was also used on any other English cars of the 
> period.  Donald Healey, after all, borrowed ready-made parts from a 
> wide range of other cars.
> Later, when I cleaned them up, I found that one had a number of 
> 4302/00, while the other two had numbers of 4302/50.
> Does anyone know 1) if the Sprite tach reduction gear was found on 
> other cars, or 2) what is the difference between the two numbers (all 
> are Smith's).
> Buster Evans

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