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Subject: Re: Way, way, way off topic
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Instead of "shot me in the back",  fill in "shot a blue dress" and reflect a 

> Well, I'm very miffed!!  When I was 17 the kid I was hunting with in
> up state New York shot me in the back from about 100 feet away with a
> 20 gauge #6 shot when a quail went up between us. Most of the shot
> bounced off my leather jacket and only about 3 of them went into my
> skin above the collar. One is still there to this day. What upsets me
> is that:
> 1) My friend didn't have a posse of Secret Service doctors with him
> 2) We never thought of reporting it to the authorities or calling the 
> press.
> 3) I immediately forgave my friend (who was later killed in Southeast 
> Asia).
> 4) The local law enforcement people didn't investigate the issue ad 
> nauseum.
> 5) The White House Press corps didn't bother Eisenhower for an 
> explanation.
> 6) The Philadelphia Enquirer didn't have our pictures on the cover.
> 7) My friend never wrote a book about the experience.
> 8) We didn't get a lucrative movie contract from it.
> 9) The liberal left didn't clamor for Eisenhower's head....
> and finally....
> 10) That was the last 20 gauge round we had so we had to quit hunting
> for the day.
> Get over it, people. No laws were broken - nothing is to be gained by
> endless wailing and hair tearing over it - no serious damage was done
> to anyone - you are embarassing at least two people who are friends -
> and finally, George W. Bush is going to continue to be both President
> and Commander and Chief for another 2 + years regardless of how much
> you hate him and think he "stole 2 elections from you.
> Cheers!!
> Jim - disemboweled Midget in Dodge City

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