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Subject: Re: Way, way, way off topic
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 21:43:29 -0600
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BS, Buster.  The severity of the injuries have nothing to do with whether or
not there was a possible crime involved and, therefore, must be investigated.
There are two obvious possible elements of criminal action here: intent and
negligence.  The resultant severity of the injury has nothing to do with
whether a crime was committed or not.  Nor should that determine whether they
decide to get off their dead asses and do their job.  You, of all people,
should know that.

You say that, besides the Sheriff, there were 4 more cops in a county of 407.
That's a ratio of one cop for every 81.4 people.  How many places do you know
that have that many cops per citizen?  My city has a ratio of one cop for
every 722 people.  The FBI recommends one for every 500 people.  You are
saying they didn't have the manpower to investigate?  Bull.  Somebody was
shot.  That demands the cops look into it.  Today, not tomorrow.

The frequency of the incidents does not excuse the lackadaisical response.
Their responsibility remains the same.

A non-story?  Your idea of the fundamentals of journalism would seem to be
belied by the professional journalists.  Possibly your politics are trying to
excuse this?

The real "fact of the matter" is that the cops were not doing their job and
the press was.  As much as I dislike the press, that is hard to admit.

Yes, I know about criminal investigations.  BTDT, many times.

Larry Daniels

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Larry Daniels wrote:

rather why it took so long for that podunk Sheriff to investigate it.
First, let's get it straight.  Even the doctor who first treated Whittington
said that the wounds were superficial and "not in need of hospitalization."
It was only because those in Cheney's party insisted upon it that he was

Now, c'mon Larry, give 'em a break.  There are only 407 human beings living in
all of Kenedy County, and besides Sherrif Ramiro Medellin, there are only four
"constables" at assorted county crossroads.  Face it, there were more law
enforcement officers in the hunting party than there were in all of the

That is ridiculously outrageous police procedure.  Anytime there is a
potential for a crime having been committed, they should have started an
immediate investigation.
Again, I think folks are listening too much to the wails and hollers of the
national media who will always be quick to make "big" of an non-story.  That
is hunting country, and accidents like that happen all the time.

If Cheney's advisors had a brain in their head they would have insisted on an
immediate investigation.
By whom?

The fact of the matter is that it was really a non-story.  The media, like the
minority party, is just so consumed by hit hatred of the sitting president
that they will quite willingly ignore the fundamentals of journalism.

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