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Re: Chuck becomes flying projectile

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Subject: Re: Chuck becomes flying projectile
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 21:30:44 -0600
References: <20060217.214424.3560.0.mdmyers_ct@juno.com>
I bought a cheap press from Harbor Freight, since I rarely use one and even
then just use it for light duty.  The spindle had a slight taper on it, and
the hole in the chuck was also tapered.  No threads or keys, just friction.
I pushed the chuck on by hand but it didn't seem to fit tightly, so I put
something under the chuck and used the leverage of the press to force it on
a little tighter.  So far it has worked OK for me.

If a chuck isn't staying on, I would check to see if there are
irregularities that prevent it from seating all the way.  If these could be
cleaned up then maybe the chuck would fit better.  Otherwise I would be
tempted to use loctite.

> It sounds like your problem is that the threads holding the chuck on are
> backwards.
> (maybe because it came form the other side of the world?)
> It should tighten on the spindle as you use it and it seems to be
> loosening.

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