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RE: Chuck becomes flying projectile

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Subject: RE: Chuck becomes flying projectile
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 06:39:21 -0600
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Talk about a sore subject for me...

1975... I took a year off after high school, before going to college, and
worked as a sheet metal fabricator and welder at a factory that made
chemical & food dryers.

One day, I was tightening a bit in the chuck of a large drill press. My
fingers were wrapped around the chucky key as I tightened the bit, and the
drill was set to a very high speed....and this old guy I worked with turned
the drill on.

The force of the drill corkscrewed my hand, then my arm, then my whole body,
and flipped me around. When I got off the ground, in intense pain, my hand
almost immediately swelled to twice its normal size. They sent me to the
"company clinic". I don't even remember if I got an x-ray. To this day, I
have a knot on the tendon in the palm of my hand.

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I assume that your setup is a Jacobs chuck with a morse taper (#2 ?) and 
not threaded. If so, I assume that the taper on the chuck is miss-matched 
to the machine or at least out of tolerance since you have taken great care 
to clean things up.

Check this discussion: 

Tim Collins
Midland, MI
1966 AH Sprite 

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