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Re: [Spridgets] PCV

To: David Lieb <dbl@chicagolandmgclub.com>
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] PCV
From: Frank Clarici <spritenut@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 11:43:42 -0400
David Lieb wrote:
> I am going to disagree with Frank. I think you should attach a right-angle 
> connection on your fuel pump blanking plate

This is fine too IF you have a blanking plate.
My A40 (Sprite 1275) fuel pump plate was part of the block casting.
I had to drill and thread it but it's something you don't want to try 
with the block in the car.
As for that little hole in the valve cover, you can punch out the 
orifice and save it for when you want to put it back.
It is just a fitting in a pipe.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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