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Re: [Spridgets] POR 15

To: Frank Clarici <spritenut@comcast.net>, Spridgets <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] POR 15
From: kramer.allen@comcast.net
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 20:49:35 +0000
This past summer I spent time fixing rust spots on my daughters car. The spots 
were only starting under the paint on the rockers. Followed all the 
instructions using POR15. Well she came home from college for Christmas and it 
looks like I will be replacing metal this coming summer.

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From: Frank Clarici <spritenut@comcast.net> 

> Here is my test part for POR15 which might as well be known as 
> Piss On Rust because that would give you the same results. 
> This is a Sprite rear bumper bracket that I painted with the crap some 
> years back and stuck it in a dry storage area, it never got wet since 
> the poor 15 was applied to it. 
> So if anybody uses this stuff, better plan on redoing what ever you 
> painted with it. 
> I knew it was crap when I did the footwell in a 69 Sprite and although 
> the top and bottom were still painted, the rust kept going and the 
> footwell fell out. 
> Nothing stops rust, it has to be cut out. 
> As you can see here. 
> http://home.comcast.net/~spritenut/por15.jpg 
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