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[Spridgets] Zero Feedback on an eBay Seller

To: jfishbein@snet.net
Subject: [Spridgets] Zero Feedback on an eBay Seller
From: Kirk Hargreaves <khargreaves2@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 13:49:23 -0800

I have over 1,400 transactions on eBay with 940 (at 100%) showing with
mutual feedback with the majority of my activity from sales.

eBay was different before they changed their feedback rules.  As such many
of my transactions do not show due to the fact that I did not leave feedback
to buyers who did not leave positive feedback to me first.  If there was no
response from the buyer, I would leave it alone as I did not want to risk my
feedback rating.

And I have to say that I have run across some very strange people on eBay
who will pull the negative feedback lever over the most minor thing and
never try to contact the seller first to rectify the situation.  Under the
old rules, I had two negative feedback's removed, which is something that I
think you cannot do anymore.

I would never trust anyone with 0 feedback or even limited feedback (unless
again you do not pay until you have seen the item for yourself).

However, the system is set up for you to complete the transaction with

If the seller is open to other forms of payment as indicated in their
listing. . I guess you could always say that you are sending a cashiers
check, money order or a personal check and then get to the car or item and
decide to pay in person.

However, if you see the item and decide that you are not going to pay for
it, the seller can leave you negative feedback and report you to eBay as a
non paying bidder.

And with a 0 or low feedback rating, the seller has no skin in the game and
might be the type of person who simply could care less what they do to you.

These days, since eBay changed their feedback rules, everything is stacked
in favor of the buyer whereby the seller is not able to leave negative
feedback to counteract the buyers neg feedback or hold the possibility of
negative feedback over the buyer's head.

The old system had its flaws. . but the changes that were made do not make
much more sense (at least to me).

Also, my take on eBay's protection or the supposed "Paypal protection" is
that it is all talk and in the end, it is nothing but a hassle and

Am I missing something here?  Correct me if I have missed something

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