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Re: [Spridgets] Anybody have a dead ribcase out back?

To: David Booker <tncarnut1@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Anybody have a dead ribcase out back?
From: Rick Fisk <refisk@chartermi.net>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 15:14:10 -0400
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I'm confused now, so I took a photo of a trans and posted it to the Team.net
Spridget forum.  Take a look and tell us which bolt you're referring to - 1,
2, or 3.



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On Sep 27, 2013, at 6:32 PM, David Booker <tncarnut1@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Peter - sorry about the description. The one I'm missing is indeed the
> at 9:00. It faces straight out of the left side of the remote housing. I
> checked with a known bolt and it is 3/8" coarse. The other two you mention
> one pointing roughly 45degrees back and to the left, and the other, which
> the wire and locking tab that is to the right side of the tranny, but
> straight back. Does that help any?
> Thanks,
> - David
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> From: Peter Caldwell <peter@nosimport.com>
> To: David Booker <tncarnut1@yahoo.com>; spridget <spridgets@autox.team.net>
> Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 10:20 AM
> Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Anybody
> have a dead ribcase out back?
> David,
>         Your description is a little
> confusing, so help me
> here.   The "bolt" properly described as a cap, that
> angles to the
> driver's side is the same size from late smooth-case through
> all
> rib-case, and many other BMC trannies in the day.  Part number is
> 22A85.
> I have some used ones, and it is indeed 1/2 inch thread.
>         There are
> two other "bolts"  back there.... one faces left
> at 9-o'clock and one
> rearward parallel to the shifter opening, and is
> drilled for wire.
> The early smoothie up to ch.# H25508 used cap number 2A3354,
> which I don't
> have.
>         Is it possible you have an early remote housing?
> Let me know.
>       Peter C
> =
> At 07:27 AM 9/27/2013, David Booker wrote:
>> I need a part
> from a dead ribcase tranny. I'm in the process of swapping mine
>> out with
> another I bought because a tooth from my first gear decided a
>> sedentary life
> amongst the dredges in the bottom of the box was more alluring
>> than the
> constant-motion life up near the top.
>> Anyway. The tranny I bought
>> is
> missing a little bolt on the driver side near the top of the rear portion
>> of
> the shifter remote linkage mechanism. The bolt has a very thin head on it
>> (as
> in it doesn't stick out very far from the surface it is threaded into) The
>> bolt shaft is hollow and holds a spring with a metal cap over the end.
>> cap presses against the shift levers inside and I believe helps to locate
>> neutral. This entire bolt is missing from my "new" tranny.
>> My initial
>> thought was "no big deal, just take the one from my old tranny and be done
>> with it". Good thought, but... As it turns out, there are two different
>> of these bolts. My car is a '71. Thanks to Brian Seavey, I know that a
>> smoothcase tranny has the same (too large) bolt as my ribcase does.
>> The
>> diameter of the too-large bolt shaft is around 1/2". Thread size I need is
>> 3/8" coarse.
>> Since the Smoothcase is the same as my '71, I'm thinking it
> may
>> need to come from a RWA car??
>> So... If you could all go look at any
> dead
>> tranny's you may have out behind the garage. I'd REALLY appreciate it if
> you'd
>> let me buy this bolt and the spring and cap inside it..  I can't
> buttion
>> everything up till I find one.
>> Help!  Thanks folks!
>> - David
> Booker
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