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Re: GT6+ really a '69?

Subject: Re: GT6+ really a '69?
From: aj253@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Tony Robinson)
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 96 12:33:11 MDT

>I never even questioned the registration of my GT6+ ever since I've had it
>until the other day.  My s/n, going by memory, is something like KC55557, or
>something like that.  I am sure of the 5's.  It's all 5's, followed by a 7.
>This seems ot indicate a '69 model and not a '70 as is stated on my vehicle
>registration.  Is this correct?
>'70 Triumph GT6+
>'95 VW GTI
 Number looks like 69.
 The practice by Dealers was to register the car as new in the year it 
was sold.
 So, if your car was built in say April of 69, shipped to the West side 
of the Big Pond,  then not sold by the dealer until sometime in 1970, it 
would have been originally registered as a 1970. 
Any help?
Best Regards,

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