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RE: Substitute for TR3A fan.

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Subject: RE: Substitute for TR3A fan.
From: "Musson, Carl" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 09:46:44 -0400charset="iso-8859-1"
I believe that it is a straight-up switch.  My '3 has one on it and if I
am not mistaken; the hand-crank bolt is in place.  Of course, the
radiator doesn't have a hole in it; so it is a mute question as to
whether it would work (on mine).  Someone had told me that it was a
Spitfire blade, but I hadn't done any research to verify the original
"owner".    It is 6-bladed; whitish-yellow plastic (might be from age)
with a fairly well defined crease/bend in the blade to force the air

Carl F. Musson (
'58 TR3A TS25264L 
Tampa, Florida (USA)

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        From:   Angelo Graham []
        Sent:   Wednesday, October 15, 1997 8:38 AM
        Subject:        Substitute for TR3A fan.

        Good day fellow listers:
        At a recent British car meet I noticed a few TR4A's running what
        to be TR6 plastic fans on the fan hubs.  Wasn't able to track
down the
        owners to find out about this.  Anyone know about this
"conversion" & what
        is involved?  I'm assuming the same conversion would work on a
3A, but you
        would loose the hand crank bolt.  Any more effective cooling
with a multi
        blade, plastic fan?  Thanks for any leads.

        Angelo Graham
        1959 TR3A
        Waterloo, Ont. Canada

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