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Re: Substitute for TR3A fan.

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Subject: Re: Substitute for TR3A fan.
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 02:02:46 -0400 (EDT)
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<< At a recent British car meet I noticed a few TR4A's running what appeared
 to be TR6 plastic fans on the fan hubs.  Wasn't able to track down the
 owners to find out about this.  Anyone know about this "conversion" & what
 is involved?  I'm assuming the same conversion would work on a 3A, but you
 would loose the hand crank bolt.  Any more effective cooling with a multi
 blade, plastic fan?  Thanks for any leads.
 Angelo Graham
 1959 TR3A
 Waterloo, Ont. Canada
Angelo and List:

The late Bob Schaller, long considered the TR king of upgrades,  wrote a
small booklet "More BS about TR's" and suggested using a Volvo (Model 122S) 6
blade fan, which is now available only in junkyards. He also suggested a
better substitute as being a 10 blade electric fan that fits a TR3 or 4
perfectly. Bob rebuilt a radiator for me and installed the new core and 10
blade fan combination. It certainly helped my TR3B. His abooklet gives
several other suggestions to aid cooling and other reliability tips. It is
available at TRF.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Steve Thornton
Bowling Green, KY
1954 TR2
1962 TR3B
1968 TR 250
1971 TR6
1963 MkII RHD
1971 XKE FHC

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