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Re: TRF Shipping Policy

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Subject: Re: TRF Shipping Policy
From: Rodney Orr <>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 22:00:15 -0700
I definitely recommend staying away from UPS when shipping into Canada from
the US - ordinary mail is much better in terms of the customs and related
charges.  Especially with the poor exchange rate for dollar, I use Canadian
suppliers for just about all of my parts now.  Another major plus in
dealing on our side of the border is if you ever have to exchange or return
something - no need trying to get a refund from customs and you'll likely
never see a refund on the brokerage fees.  If you buy from out-of-province,
you might even be able to save the PST.

Rod.  '70 TR6 CC55899L  (formerly from S'toon, now in the land of no PST)

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