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Re: Tyres for TR6

To: "Trevor Jordan" <>
Subject: Re: Tyres for TR6
From: "Andrew Dixon" <>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 06:16:21 -0400
Cc: "Darrell Leach" <>, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
I think you read more into it than Darrell wrote. I read that he meant actual 
speed. He was talking about the chart not the speedometer.

On 05/14/98 11:39 AM Trevor Jordan said...
>At 11:12 AM +1000 14/5/98, Darrell Leach wrote:
>>shortest tire in the chart reads the highest speed at a given RPM.
>The relationship between the engine speed and the speedometer is set by 
>transmission (gearbox with or without overdrive).  Changing the tyre size
>or even the diff ratio will cause the speedometer to indicate the wrong
>speed, but it will not change the relationship between the speedometer and
>the tachometer.
>Trevor Jordan
>74 TR6 CF29281U

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