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Re: Wire Wheel Adapter Removal

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Subject: Re: Wire Wheel Adapter Removal
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Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000 20:11:15 -0700charset="iso-8859-1"
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When I did this my "Lovely Assistant" was a 2x4 wedged between the brake
peddle and the seat.

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Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2000 2:57 PM
Subject: Re: Wire Wheel Adapter Removal

> On Sun, 2 Apr 2000, Brent Smith wrote:
> > I'm going to repack the front bearings and replace the grease seals on
> > '60 TR3A and need to remove the wire wheel adapters to get at the
> > nut.  I can vaguely remember doing this a number of years ago, but this
> > I cannot seem to stop the disc from turning while I'm trying to loosen
> > adapter nuts.   Does anyone out there have a slick way of doing this?
> > Thanks in advance for any help.
> Have a Lovely Assistant stand on the brake pedal while you undo the nuts!
> Won't work if the brake calipers are off though ;-)
> Don't take the nuts right off either, just crack them enough to allow you
> to finish the job.
> -Malcolm
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