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Re: TR3A Front Grille

To: Justin Paxton <>,
Subject: Re: TR3A Front Grille
From: "John T. Nichols" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 20:51:32 -0400
References: <>
For what it's worth the grill from my '58 TR3A is exactly 8" vertically
at center and is unbowed. It fits up straight with only a little
fettling. I have no idea if it is original but was on the car when I
acquired it in 1982.

John T. Nichols
'58 TR3A TS32093L 'O'
'86 TVR 280i

Justin Paxton wrote:
> Looking for an original front grille for a TR3A in excellent shape,
> polishable, or bead blastable.  Important dimension top to bottom through
> the center needs to be close to 7 1/2".  The new ones from Moss are 8 1/4
> and don't fit worth a damn.
> -THX: Justin

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