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Re: Factory radios (up to 1972)

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Subject: Re: Factory radios (up to 1972)
From: "Brad Eells" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 22:02:06 -0800
The Bendix set and speaker are identical to the set installed in my 1965
TR4A. This radio is described and pictured in a US dealer accessory brochure
I have.

My opinion on the the speaker installation is that various dealers installed
them various ways. My speaker was installed by drilling holes in the
horizontal bulkhead above the passenger footwell, the same place as the
master cylinders on the other (left) side of the car. I have seen them
installed with the holes drilled on the vertical surface that forms the
right side of the battery tray as well.

The antenna was installed on the righthand side as well, just forward of the
far right edge of the windscreen.

Nothing like tuning in The Beach Boys or 'The Chairman Of The Board' on my
scratchy old AM radio.

I can't hear it much above 30 mph due to wind and exhaust noise. Never have
understood the desire to install a 'sound system' in an open car with a nice
exhaust note!


65 TR4A

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