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Subject: Re: - SITE LAUNCH
From: Steve Daniels <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 18:15:59 -0700
Organization: Organization? This is organized?
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On Tue, 01 Oct 2002 19:28:55 -0400, "Kai M. Radicke"
<> wrote:

>Glen Johnson spammed:
>> We would like everyone to go to the site, sign up ( FOR  FREE)
>> and upload details and images of their cars.  Please let us
>> know what you think of the site.
>> <>
>This is utterly ridiculous and signifies one of the major problems of the

That's Internet.  When you're talking about *an* internet, it's
lower case, but when you're talking about *the* Internet, it's


>What need is there to duplicate the efforts already found on
>other websites?  

For fun?  A desire to contribute?  Of what need is there to
restore and drive 30+ yo sports cars?  Must there first be a
demonstrated need before one takes on a task?  If so, I fear for
our hobby.

>All that results from doing this is a chaotic web of
>semi-relevant websites with the information diffused among numerous sites
>rather than in one collective place.

So a distributed information system composed of various computers
using agreed upon protocols with which to communicate is a bad
idea?  So much for the Internet.
>For two years this list has had the Triumph List Members Gallery.  This site
>lists information on members' cars as well as a short biographical area if a
>member chooses to fill it out.  The site works well in its implementation
>and design goals.


>Also, with about a year under its belt, is Corey Sherman's excellent TR
>Registry website.  Note:  Corey does not overlap other Triumph registry
>sites like the Spitfire Registry run by Joe Curry.  Instead, Corey provides
>links to other registries so that people can easily locate the appropriate
>registry for their model.


>So if your intention, Glen, was to make the internet even more cluttered and
>useless, you have succeeded.  I urge the list members of both the 6-Pack and
>Triumph lists to use the two established websites I mention above to create
>an even more thorough online database of our vehicles.  By contributing your
>information to the TR Registry and the TR List site, you are helping to
>cultivate two, already very useful, websites.

I urge the members of both the 6-Pack and Triumph lists to use
whatever damm Internet resources they find useful.  Go ahead.
The Internet isn't half full yet.

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