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Re: Vandalism

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Subject: Re: Vandalism
From: "jonmac" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 09:12:04 -0000
Tragic though Mike Mawson's experiences are, we have "to make allowances for
the fact that perpetrators are probably from broken homes, have never been
shown any affection and are desperately unhappy. It's all so heartbreaking."
That was the view recently quoted to me by some progressive 'leftie' who
objected to my proposed method of treatment if I ever caught anyone doing
similar damage to either of my cars - viz the insertion of a large meathook
in a soft part of the male anatomy without the luxury of a local
This all came about from the experience of a friend who had recently spent a
fortune restoring a DB3 Aston Martin. He left it in the drive of a friend's
home where he and his wife were over-nighting prior to attending a
multi-make Owners Club annual meeting. On returning to the car the next
morning, he found two words, RYCH **** scrawled with a nail (or somesuch) in
the middle of the newly painted bonnet. Much angered and harrowed by this,
he covered and taped two large pieces of paper to cover the offending text
and on arriving at the meeting was refused entry - even though the covered
text was 'deemed as inappropriate for a family event.'
The final insult was that as the car had been resprayed with a special blend
of metallic silver, the later repaint did not match - so the whole car had
to be done again.


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