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Re: Vandalism

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Subject: Re: Vandalism
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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 00:29:00 -0000
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Hi John
I find the most harrowing part of this story to be the refusal of entry to
the event, which really shows the mentality of the little Hitler on the
gate! I would most likely have just run him over when I turned round to
leave having pinned my resignation from the organisation involved to his
sorry a$$e!

How hurtful would it be to receive such treatment, and how harmful would it
have been to the prestige of the show to have allowed someone suffering such
an attack to participate anyway?


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From: "jonmac"
Subject: Re: Vandalism

Much angered and harrowed by this,
> he covered and taped two large pieces of paper to cover the offending text
> and on arriving at the meeting was refused entry - even though the covered
> text was 'deemed as inappropriate for a family event.'
> The final insult was that as the car had been resprayed with a special
> of metallic silver, the later repaint did not match - so the whole car had
> to be done again.
> Jonmac

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