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[TR] OD Testing

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Subject: [TR] OD Testing
From: "Eureka Saws Co, Inc." <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 11:07:16 -0500
Hello all,
A question for the OD crowd. I am in the process of testing my OD. Main
difference in this test is that the car is up on 4 jack stands and sitting in
my garage. Wiring is in test mode. Jumpered to the ammeter and ignition switch
for power. Car shifts nicely up to and through 4th gear. Seating nicely on my
seat (rolled up towels under my keister), cruising along at 40 mph, wind
blowing in my hair (fan on for effect). Nice view of the white snow covered
mountains straight ahead, (old English white bonnet up) and I hit the OD
switch waiting for the tach to drop. Definite engagement heard and felt. Tach
does not drop as expected. Funny thing though, the speedometer speed drops
very nicely. Checked to make sure the speedo cable and tach cable were not
reversed. (only kidding) May I assume that the OD is working properly and the
speedo drops because there is no contact with the floor/road or is this
something Mr. Lucas saved just for me?
TS58404L-O almost there.

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