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1. RE: British Cars Digest #1374 Thu Sep 22 16:10:17 MDT 1994 (score: 1)
Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 23 Sep 1994 08:08:53 -0800
_______________________________________________________________________________ im in the process of purchasing a lotus elan and would like the oppinion of anyone who may know somthing about the car.
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2. autoauction (score: 1)
Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 20 Apr 1994 12:47:19 -0800
i spent last weekend at the annual autoclassic restoration vintage and collectable car auction in north vancouver b.c. canada. some of the notable buys of the day were a 55 mga went for 7750.00 ,a mg
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Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 27 Apr 1994 10:36:43 -0800
for those of you who are rebuilding your s.u. you can buy a reamer from a industrial parts store for about 14.00. i have seen mosses reamer and the industrial one and they are one in the same. the si
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4. RE: British Cars Digest #1122 Wed Mar 2 01:15:01 MST 1994 (score: 1)
Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 2 Mar 1994 16:38:01 -0800
Hi there brit fans. i'm new to this list and would like to know if any of you serious enthusiat know the value of a 69 land rover series 2a in excellent condition of 59 morris minor thats been garage
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5. mags question (score: 1)
Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 11 Mar 1994 08:41:36 -0800
since there is lots of talk about mag wheels maybe someone can bring some light on some mags i've got on my mini. they seem really rare.i have never seen another set like them so i wonder if they are
/html/british-cars/1994-03/msg00286.html (6,558 bytes)

6. ***landrover for sale*** (score: 1)
Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 22 Mar 1994 12:37:13 -0800
series iia 69 landrover place 2 in portland all british field meet 2 years ago. in excellent mechanical condition. this is a daily driver with no problems. interior in great shape.suspention and fram
/html/british-cars/1994-03/msg00500.html (6,638 bytes)

7. misfiring solution (score: 1)
Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 23 Mar 1994 16:29:37 -0800
for all those users out there in netland who are using the lucas distributor and are having troubles with timing you should consider using electronic ignition.the simplist conversion for the a series
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8. FW: your visit to vancouver (score: 1)
Author: "Hui Ben" <>
Date: 24 Mar 1994 10:07:16 -0800
too bad you weren't here a little earlier. may 21 is the vancouver all british field meet at the prestigous vandusen garden.the event is situated at a horticulture estate where all the entrants park
/html/british-cars/1994-03/msg00572.html (7,462 bytes)

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