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Subject: Re: Tires
From: "Nelson A. Riedel" <nriedel@nextek.net>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 16:34:32 -0400
Subject: Re: Tires

> I believe that Coker is the only licensee able to have the Michelin name
> appear on 185-15 Redlines. They appear on the Coker website at $170 each
> plus the cost of tubes (about $17/ea. for Michelin tubes), plus
> shipping, mounting, balancing, etc., of course.
> Dave Friedlander
> CF25194UO

Good example of why it pays to shop around.  Local Michelin dealer called a
distributor and then quoted $950 for set of 4 Michelin Redlines out the
door.   Went to Goodyear who called the same distributor (they commented we
just had a call an hour ago -----) and got a price of $820 out the door
including tubes, mounting & balancing,  6% tax and tire disposal fee.   The
distributor was either Coker or handled Coker products as both dealers got
prices for the Coker redlines from the same distributor.

Nelson Riedel
Granville, OH
76 TR6 (assembling after new paint)
68 TR250 (next project - new paint)
70 TR6 (all the parts in a pile ready to assemble)

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