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Re: Center Console Available

To: 6pack@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Center Console Available
From: cm.sherman@verizon.net
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 10:04:20 -0500
In the past year, since taking over the Editor position of the 6-PACK, I 
learned to refrain from posting comments, which may be interpreted as 
bias, but feel that  this is one of few occasions that merit my 

I have spoken with Mr. Beeker (http://www.triumphconsoles.com) and must 
commend his efforts. He is one of those few individuals who continues to 
keep our sport interesting and alive. Let us recognize and support those 
that try to breed innovation, introduce new products or options to our 
marque - people like JMWagner (silicon gasket), Richard Good (performance 
parts), David Bonito (billet aluminum parts), Rob Gibbs (SS accessories) 
and Walt Hollowell (chrome plate) are just a few.

These individuals are far from profiteers. They offerings are not 
presented as those of 'commercial' vendors, nor are the goods vital to 
keeping our cars on the road. They simply extend the options available in 
the marketplace for those who choose to customize our cars. 

I do believe the list feedback is invaluable, and we are all price 
sensitive - so I encourage everyone to comment. But do keep in mind, 
supply-side economics does apply here, and the development of such goods 
in low volume always drives cost up. The bottom line is that there will 
always be someone willing to pay $3000 for a NOS TR6 hardtop (per S&C in 
Darien,CT), $800 for TR6 taillight assembly, or $1000 for a set of NOS 

Corey Sherman 

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